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Wednesday, April 19

Featuring Cochran’s Slopeside maple magic. Maple culinary delights galore, Lawson’s Maple Nipple,Burlington Beer Amber Road, Rock Art Maple Wheat, and maple-ly cocktails. Don’t be a sap — join the festivities!

Hill Farmstead / Grassroots ’17

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A whole lotta Shaun Hill’s Greensboro brews: ‘15 Twilight of the Idols, ‘16 Anna, ‘16 Florence,16’ Everett, ‘16 Earl,’16 Nordic Saison, 16’ George & as much of the hoppy stuff as we can get our hands on!  Check back on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for updates.  Set your clocks for a high noon kickoff. We suggest coming early.

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